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An Interesting Read

on September 22, 2012

I found this article online when I was searching around today.  It’s quite interesting and an easy read.  While it is not a ‘scientific’ study, it does take into account six research studies, pulls out the important implications for classroom use and compiles it all into one concise article.  It discusses topics like:

the difference between convergent and divergent assessment,

the process of formative assessment,

the importance of self-assessment, and

the importance of feedback.

One drawback of this article is that it’s about 10 years old, but I still think we can take lots of pertinent information from it.

You can check it out here when you get a spare minute:


Let me know what you think…



2 responses to “An Interesting Read

  1. ferntouchie says:

    Guided Math fits very nicely with formative assessment. An opportunity to listen to students in a small group setting discuss their understanding of a concept along with communicating where they need to go in their learning.

  2. Tanya Smith says:

    You’re very right, Fern! Guided Math does give the teacher an opportunity to listen to students discuss/show what they know about a math concept and also gives the students an opportunity to have some control over their own learning as it encourages teachers to get a clearer idea of where they need to take their teaching next (continue on or back up and reteach that concept again, or perhaps, in some cases, both).

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