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Informal Assessment to Inform Teaching

on September 25, 2012

Today I created 5 slides on my Smartboard- part assessment- part warm up to check my class’ knowledge of the difference between growing (increasing) patterns and repeating patterns. These informal check-ins are common practice in my math classes. The students use whiteboards to keep track of their answers which are meant to be held ‘close to the chest’. Armed with my checklist and classlist I went around and noted struggles, eyes on other student’s boards and confidence. It’s nice to have confirmation of my suspicions- over 90% of my class has grasped the concept and can identify the difference between the two. We later went on to discuss important vocabulary such as “element, pattern core, pattern rule” and identify it in the “warm up” patterns. Now, I am ready to take those students that were unsure in my small group and give them some follow up instruction.



One response to “Informal Assessment to Inform Teaching

  1. Tanya Smith says:

    This is great, Nicole! I, too, use a similar set-up for some of my formative assessment. I may not always use the smartboard as a tool in this because, during these times, I would rather be like a fly on the wall and observe with my handy checklist and if there happens to be any reading involved with what’s on the smartboard I get a lot of distractions from students who need help with reading. Much of the time, I like to use this observation/checklist technique when the children are completing an activity with the manipulatives and/or partner work (you can tell who the leader is and who likes to sit back and let others do the work). Also, the Math Makes Sense resource has a great electronic checklist that you can use for assessing individual students on specific outcomes.

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