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Pattern Assessments

on September 26, 2012

Yesterday, I took Sara M’s suggestion and videoed my class performing their own action patterns.  They loved this idea and after I gave them their instructions (create any one action pattern with your partner and practice it to have it recorded), they set off to do their job with much enthusiasm! They all immediately got right down to it!  It wasn’t so much so that they were thrilled to create the actual pattern, but they were thrilled to know that it would be recorded on the iPad.  Once everyone’s video was recorded (it didn’t take very long at all because they did it in pairs), we watched the videos on the smartboard and attempted to guess and extend the patterns.

I used this activity as a formative assessment in mulitple ways:

-I observed the pairs as they created and practiced (who was leading, were they working together as a team)

-I observed the recordings and you could quite obviously see who had to watch their partner in order to follow the pattern and who could recite the action pattern no problem

-I observed the students as they were watching the recordings and made note of those students who could follow and extend the patterns

I’m happy to say that the majority of my class has met and/or exceeded our patterning outcomes!  🙂

Here’s the video that I posted to my teacher page as an example. Let me know what you think and how you might assess this…




3 responses to “Pattern Assessments

  1. mackay74 says:

    My class also really enjoyed creating motion patterns. I really enjoyed being able to watch their understanding be shared with others. (It was not my idea 🙂 Nicole H. was the original motion pattern videographer.) I will post some of my videos too, once I get them organized. 🙂

  2. lorijc says:

    In might be interesting to think of this example in relation to Marzano’s 4-pt scale.

    I love that you noted not just the “math outcomes” but the social context for learning for individual students.

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