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Posting Videos

on September 26, 2012

There has been quite a bit of conversation with some members of our group regarding posting our videos to Youtube and then connecting them to our weebly as we had planned. We can embed the video into the weebly but if students click on the youtube logo it takes them to youtube and all the suggested videos. The concern is that some of these suggested videos may not be appropriate. We cannot override this link or eliminate the suggested videos on the site. I have a suggestion but I am certainly open to any feedback you may have. What if we upload videos/photos directly to our teacher pages? One of our aims of the inquiry group is better home-school communication regarding teaching, learning and assessment in math. It would address this goal. It’s slightly less convenient for our inquiry to have videos in separate spots for data purposes but it doesn’t impede student communication of learning or connecting with home.




3 responses to “Posting Videos

  1. Tanya Smith says:

    I don’t mind posting my videos to my teacher page…that’s not a problem. I’m just a little unclear as to what we had decided to keep private (just the group members) and what we had decided to let go pubic (other staff, parents, students, public)? This may affect which particular videos I decide to post…

  2. mackay74 says:

    I like the idea of posting my videos to my teacher page, but I agree with Tanya. I will most likely only post the one’s that I think are “polished”.

  3. lorijc says:

    Our blog will remain private until the group decides otherwise. Part of the inquiry objectives is to support parents’ (and colleagues’) understanding of teaching, learning and formative assessment in math. This would be the public part.

    I appreciate that we would want to present successful demonstrations of learning in the videos for the integrity of the students.

    Idea . . . Perhaps some of our videos might include voice overlays from the teacher or a short teacher clip at the beginning to provide the context for the video. (I’m thinking of your formative assessment from videos on patterning i.e. this is what demonstrates learning of *this* outcome).

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