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formal/informal assessment

on September 28, 2012

In math journals students were asked : “If the difference between two numbers is 20, what might those numbers be ? I   I have a clipboard I walk around with and check off at various times. I allowed them 3 mins to come up with as much as they could.  It was interesting to note who stuck to lower numbers such as 21-1 , 22-2 ,etc. and who automatically went to thousands and ten thousands (which is what we are actually focusing in on).  Midway through, I told them  to try to use numbers in the hundreds or thousands if they had used tens.  I noted when students got squirmy, looked around, SLOWED down in their computations.

Game-we played “Nombre cible” which allowed students to demonstrate their learning. It was easy to tell who had mastered the concept, who was learning and who needed some re teaching.

We also completed a rounding up activity, to the nearest hundred, thousand, ten thousand.  After much practice, students handed in 5 questions completed on a recipe card as their exit slip.  From here I could tell who had mastered the concept and who did not. The next class I did guided math with those who did not have this concept


2 responses to “formal/informal assessment

  1. mmereynolds says:

    I love doing exit slips. It really assesses student performance adn understanding on the lesson taught. I use them regularly and then meet with those who don’t get it in a guided math session next class too.

  2. mrssmithnmes says:

    I, too, use exit “questions”. Instead of asking students to write their answers down (b/c that’s not necessarily the best way for 6 year olds to show what they know at this point in the year), I make it into a game and tell them that I’m going to ask them a question and they have to answer the question to unlock the door. They love this! I think at this point in their math learning that it’s more important that they feel successful with math than it is to have every student answer a particular question that relates to the level they are expected to be at right now. So, I tailor the questions for particular students. But, I can also use it as a type of formative assessment for those students who I know are capable or more than capable of the work. For those that I know are struggling a little, I ask them an easier question and when they realize they can correctly answer my question and walk out the door with a smile…my goal was accomplished!

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