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Video Notetaking

on September 28, 2012

Today, I posed a problem solving pattern question to my class and gave them manipulatives. So, taking into consideration Tanya’s great comments, I decided to grab my class’ iPad and record their process. I reminded myself more than once: “Don’t give in to their frustration”. I let them get frustrated! I recorded their process and conferenced with groups! I wrote on tables with whiteboard markers and reminded them of the question. It was a very meaningful process and now I have notes to inform my teaching for next week. It took very little record keeping, no clipboard, or difficult to decode notes, no distractions and forgetting what I observed. Have you tried that before? What were the challenges? What successes have you had with it?


4 responses to “Video Notetaking

  1. ferntouchie says:

    Yeah Nicole! It is so hard to let our students struggle even if it is for a little bit. When they do get frustrated the key is good questioning and probing to pull them through. Sounds like a great lesson πŸ™‚

    • mrssmithnmes says:

      I found it difficult yesterday to watch some of my students struggle through the key-skills assessment. I wanted to ask them probing questions and help them to understand and reach the answer, but I stuck to the script. It was very difficult, but I kept telling myself that this particular assessment is not a ‘teaching/learning’ assessment. It has given me some good informative information to use when I make up guided math groups next week, though.

      • ferntouchie says:

        I know Tanya. It is very difficult. Especially when they look to you for confirmation or guidance and you can’t give them anything. That look kills me every time but just as you said, by sticking to the script you will get a more accurate assessment of their understanding. Sometimes probing can turn into leading the student into the correct response. Keep it up…it gets better πŸ™‚

  2. mrssmithnmes says:

    So, you video-recorded their problem-solving to inform your teaching? I hadn’t thought of this idea! I will definitely have to give it a try. I’ve video-recorded groups of children who weren’t getting along before and showed them the video later and we discussed how we could change this behavior, but I’ve never used it in this way before.

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