Enhancing Student Number Sense

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on October 1, 2012

The use of pre-assessment is critical in for teacher knowledge  of where students are.  As the book quoted : “The more accurate teachers are in their knowledge of where students are, the more effective they may be in promoting learning”(page 40).  I often pre-assessment before a new concept. I find it critical as to where I am going with my unit so I can maximize student performance.  It also provides me with grouping of my students for guided math.


6 responses to “Pre-assessing

  1. lorijc says:

    The book also talks about about making the learning goals explicit from the outset. There might be a very manageable way to do this with the MMS rubric for each unit.

  2. I have found it very useful to present the learning goals at the beginning of a unit or when presenting a new concept. I often display a rubric on the SMART Board for the students to see and we discuss what needs to be done to complete the task at hand. In the past I have used the rubric created to code the grade 5 Math Provincial Assessent. This rubric, and others, can be found on the NB Dept. Education website.

  3. Sometimes pre-assessment can be what I think of as “quick and dirty”. Before I started the last unit on patterns, I gave each student a piece of paper and said, “On this paper, show me everything you already know about patterns”. I gave the students about 15 minutes and it was a very eye opening activity. It gave me an idea of what they already knew and helped me to pace my lessons.-Nicole

    • mrssmithnmes says:

      I love this idea! Sometimes, I find that the MMS unit on patterns (especially for grade one) is too ‘easy’ and the students find it a little on the boring side. If I asked them beforehand to show me everything they already know about patterns, we might be able to skip through those first few lessons faster. Of course, you will probably always have a hand-full that will need to go back to basics…can’t forget about those students.

    • ferntouchie says:

      Yes Nicole! This sounds like a placemat activity and gives free range for the kids 🙂

  4. ferntouchie says:

    Frayer Models, Concept Maps, placemat activities, KWL charts and other graphic organizers are also great pre-assessments for math 😉

    Very true Tanya about those students we can’t leave behind. That is where guided math comes in very handy 🙂

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