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Student created questions

on October 2, 2012

Students were given a post-it note and asked to create an addition question (four digit + four digit).  They were not to solve their question, rather they chose one of their peer’s questions to work with (they also paired up with that peer).  Students then used estimation to solve the question and they also stated if their estimation was an over estimate, under estimate or if they could not tell.  The students loved creating their own questions and solving their friend’s.  One student was given the task to film students working and it was wonderful to see students taking pride and being excited to explain a Math concept!


2 responses to “Student created questions

  1. I love that your students were given time to talk about their “thinking path”. Great post!

  2. mrssmithnmes says:

    Students sure do love sharing with their classmates! I loved your idea of having one student video the whole process. You can share these videos later and also use them as formative assessment.

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