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The Tally (so far)

on October 15, 2012

Looking at the tally so far, I am finding that the project component is the hardest to address. Also, challenging the strong students (beyond the time working with that group during guided sessions) is not happening as often as I would like. Any suggestions?? 


6 responses to “The Tally (so far)

  1. Sara says:

    I agree Patricia. The project component is definitely the hardest to address. I seem to have a hard time defining what a project is???? My class just made their own Hundred’s chart game. Does that fall into the project component?

    • ferntouchie says:

      Hi Sara and Patricia,
      Math Projects are meant to be very short and not necessarily what you label as a “project”. Nicole W and I had a discussion last week on Math Projects and how the term “project” should be changed to “exploration”, “investigation” or something a little less stressful! Projects bring about a vision to teachers of bristol boards or trifold presentation boards with a big celebration to accompany. Think small…all of you are doing math project ideas in your classrooms..the videos of the action patterns, the creation of games (love to see what your students came up with for hundred chart games Sara), whole class developed books or photostories, investigating a school wide or community problem and coming up with strategies to solve it, I heard there is a nice puddle that has formed outside the Grade 3 wing…perhaps an investigation on estimating a “creek jump” (lol), student developed songs, poems, plays, looking for math at home or in photographs, setting up a store in your classroom, maybe for place value you decide to experiment with the Eygptian forms of numbers and compare to the Hindu-Arabic form we use, or maybe it is something in the news to discuss. What comes to mind is Felix Baumgartner who a couple days ago jumped out of a capsule 24 miles high in space to freefall to earth! How interesting would that be for your students!! I bet the students could come up with a number of rich math questions on that topic or maybe it sparks a discussion about world records. William wanted to watch the NASCAR channel (don’t ask) and they were talking about the math that they use to calculate the gas (incorporating weight and gallons) needed to do the laps around the track.The math projects can be big or small but they are meant to be done once in the unit with the idea that they last for a day, two at the most. The funny thing is that you are all probably doing Math Projects in your class…you just don’t know it 🙂 Let’s get some ideas rolling on here!

  2. lorijc says:

    I agree. Maybe one of the challeges is the scope in which we are presently defining “project.” Maybe a project could be defined in smaller terms and projects could be completed in one day.

    Maybe one-day projects would be a way to challenge the strongest students to apply their math knowledge? Perhaps the students could create information videos on math concepts to foster their 21C skills and support the learning of their peers?

    Cross-curriculuar approaches require application of math knowledge to other subject areas ex. math raps or poetry, math involved in science, math and art.

    This website has a few neat project ideas that might get you thinking

    My thoughts on the best projects are that they are inquiry based and encourage creativity.

  3. ferntouchie says:

    I agree Lori!

  4. Tanya Smith says:

    My class created their own number books two weeks ago and I labeled this as a ‘math project’. It took us about 4 days to complete them entirely, but we didn’t work on them the whole math time. We worked on our math projects for about 20 minutes for 4 days. Keeping the time short each day was motivating to the students as they didn’t get tired of doing it and everyone was engaged the entire time!

  5. brownnmes says:

    Nicole W. shared a great idea with the grade 2 team on Friday that she had developed with Fern for a pumpkin exploration. This could encompass Math, Science, and Literacy as students compare, measure, count and group seeds, describe and complete cooking and writing activities. A wonderful project that students will love participating in! Rather than an individual or partner activity, a whole class project.

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