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Continual Progress Report Record-Keeping

on October 21, 2012

Just wondering if anyone has created and is using a continual progress report like the one Marzano has described in Chapter 5-Approach 4 (page 41 in ch 5)?  I’m interested in using something of this type for my unit on numbers and thought I would see if anyone else has one already created before I delved in and created it from scratch.



4 responses to “Continual Progress Report Record-Keeping

  1. lorijc says:

    Tanya, I haven’t but I wonder if the key skills nets (skills appropriate to this term) might be a place to start? We have them for each grade level so it might allow for some consistency across grade levels.

  2. mrssmithnmes says:

    So, I gather from Fern that there are no numeracy nets for K-2 yet. I think I will just make up one to use. I will pass this along on here for those who would like to use the format and change the outcomes.

  3. ferntouchie says:

    Hi Tanya, For K-2 the Assessment tools you could use right now are the Key Skills or the Camet Binders. The numeracy nets (which are in binders) are available for Grades 3-5.

  4. mmereynolds says:

    I certainly am interested in creating some kind tracking form to use for an assessment that is administered 3 times a year. I agree that by administering the same assessment (before,middle,end) would give a truer assessment of number sense. I would also like to have the students track their progress so they could see their growth. Any suggestions of how to go about this idea?

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