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Key Skills Assesment

on October 21, 2012

So, I finished administering the Key Skills Assessment to everyone in my class and the results were less than satisfactory.  After giving it some thought and discussion with my grade level team, we have decided to use this particular assessment at this point in the year to inform our teaching (an assessment FOR learning) rather than using it as an assessment OF learning for report cards.  The exact same assessment is meant to be administered 3 times each year and covers areas of the curriculum that haven’t even been taught yet.  It certainly has given us insight on what we need to work on teaching in more depth, but we don’t feel (at this point in the year) that it’s a reliable judge of what students actually know about numbers right now.  Perhaps when we administer it again in March and June, it will give us better indicators of what students actually know about numbers.

What do you all think?



4 responses to “Key Skills Assesment

  1. brownnmes says:

    I am in a similar boat with my class. Some of the questions cover topics we are only beginning to practice or haven’t yet completed. It was interesting to note the topics most students could complete, and which topics most students haven’t developed yet. I think repeating throughout the year is a better indicator of student growth, and, as you said, a guide for us to use in deciding which areas need to be targeted with our teaching.

  2. ferntouchie says:

    You are both correct. This first key skills assessment that is performed is assessing some concepts you have yet to teach, therefore is meant to be a formative assessment. Sometimes you might get a surprise from a student or two who have a good understanding of the concept before you have even taught them and this information can help drive your instruction with that particular child.

    • mrssmithnmes says:

      Hi Fern,
      I was surprised with a few students…some who were already aware of some of the more difficult concepts and some who I thought might be and weren’t. This assessment has certainly helped drive my teaching of math and I’m looking forward to administering it again in March to see how much they’ve improved!

  3. I think it’s a great idea! It was suggested by a colleague that I do the same. Last year was the first time I used a grade 5 screener. The students completed the test 3 times throughout the year, and once it was coded the results indicated what areas needed the most attention.

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