Enhancing Student Number Sense

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Technology Supporting Professional Dialogue

on October 26, 2012

I was emailing with a friend about our inquiry and I wanted to share a comment I made:

The blog has proven to be a powerful way to promote professional dialogue beyond the boundaries of proximity and busy days. Our school is large, we have 2 new staff members on the inquiry team, a blend of English and Immersion teachers, and members from different grade levels so they probably wouldn’t seek each other out. Technology has provided a bridge to some of these pragmatic issues that challenge collaborative inquiry.

Glad to be in this fox hole with you all.

PS – 79 views on our site today.

PPS – If you are creeping our blog, we would like you to join our discussion. Please feel free to comment.



One response to “Technology Supporting Professional Dialogue

  1. Sally Hirst says:

    Hi Everyone,

    One of your “creepers” here…Fern invited me to share your joy of math and participate in your conversations. It’s obvious there’s a lot of thought going into your math instruction! 🙂 Hooray.
    I especially like your title “enhancing student number sense”.
    I am impressed with how many students understand that numerals are simply one way of representing number….and that teachers are developing student understanding using many concrete and visual representations as well.
    So many of us didn’t learn like that! Sigh…
    Some parents still give me a quizzical look when I tell them that the symbol 5 is not really the number five….that arithmetic and mathematics are not the same thing….and that getting the correct calculation does not mean their children understand.
    I’d love to hear your opinions on this train of thought….thanks for humoring the rantings of a fellow math-lover! PS – you’re my “first”….I have never blogged before!

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