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iPad Apps

on November 15, 2012

Here is a link to a blog with some recommendations for Math apps.


The blog led me to seek out apps from the NCTM. There is a game called Math Concentration that is good for the lower grades to practice subitizing, and Deep Sea Duel for finding the sum of three numbers, and Pick-a-Path and Equivalent Fractions for older students.

Another great app is 10 Frame Fill, and my class loves the Learning Money with Leo app and Motion Math Zoom number line app too.

What would your class recommend?


4 responses to “iPad Apps

  1. mrssmithnmes says:

    Hi Trish,
    My class would recommend the Frame Fill app. I purchased it and they love it. It also fits in so well with our curriculum outcome at the moment.

  2. mackay74 says:

    Great find Patricia! My students have also been really enjoying the motion games, and Hungry Fish is another Math App that was worth the purchase.

  3. triciamcgraw says:

    Thanks Patricia for the link. There are 2 -3 apps on there I plan to buy for my class. 🙂

  4. brownnmes says:

    I also purchased a base ten app from abcya.com…The website has lots of greate games so I bought the app too!

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